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148-copy3-198x300Hey! The Brewers swept the Reds! Isn’t that exciting?!  I’m excited! And I know many of you are excited as well! But I also know that some fans are ready to throw in the towel. The Brewers are 51-59, 4th in the Division, 14.5 games out of 1st place, AND Packers season officially begins tonight. ”Bring on football!” say these fairweather fans.  And to these fickle, fairweather, football-famished fans I could say, “Fine, good riddance, who needs ya”, but I won’t. Because I don’t WANT these fans to bail. I want to convince them to stay, to keep going to Miller Park, filling up those stands, and cheering on the team I love so much!  So for the fickle fan, I’ve come up with a list of 10 really good reasons to make the long, short, or in-between trek to Miller Park and support the boys in Brewer blue:.

  •  There’s something very special about watching live baseball at Miller Park. First of all, you can see the entire field and everyone on it – all at once!  Watching on tv, you only see what they want to show you, but at the ballpark you can see the defensive allignment, the shifts, the signs, the batters warming up on deck, the umpires, where the ball is in relation to the baserunner when there’s a hit. All kinds of neat stuff like that!   And then there’s the rest of the Miller Park experience!…The National Anthem, Ceremonial 1st pitches, Play Ball Kid, Dean Rosko on the organ, cheers of “Charge!”,  The Sausage Race, Jumbotron, Fan of the Game, Guess the Attendance, Diamond Dancers, Secret Stadium Sauce, brats, peanuts, cracker jack, beer…the list goes on and on.
  •  The escape factor. With all the negativity in this world today, indeed, right here in Wisconsin, it’s nice to get away for a few hours and lose yourself in a baseball game.
  •  Tailgating. You just can’t beat the tailgating at Miller Park!
  •  The company of Brewers fans. Lots of em!  You don’t need to go to church to partake in a spiritual experience. The feeling in that stadium when the Brewers win big?  It’s a tingly energy-filled lovefest!  And when the Brewers lose, we fans are there to console one-another and talk shop. As one of my Twitter followers said, “It takes a Village to weather the 2012 Brewers”.  Well, the heart of Brewers Village is Miller Park.
  •  Mike Fiers. Enough said.
  •  See the rest of the new guys too! Evaluate the up-and-coming and possibly-already-there talent in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization live and in person.
  •  Witness some magic.  You just never know when something great will happen – a spectacular play, a perfect game, a no-hitter, an exciting come from behind victory, a cycle, a multi-HR game.  Get to the ballpark so you can say “I was there!”
  • The Brewers haven’t given up, neither should we. These guys are STILL playing their hearts out, especially at home.  They’re pretty fun to watch!  And they like to hear your cheers!  They appreciate US, let’s reciprocate!  It’ll be fun!
  • Ok, I can almost hear your “Oh Brother”s, but the Brewers are not completely out of it yet!  I don’t want to sound like a Cubs fan here, but it COULD still happen. You never know. You being at the ballpark certainly won’t hurt their chances.

And last, but certainly not least:

  •  The Boys of Summer will be gone before you know it and you know you’ll miss them when they’re gone!  Baseball IS summer! Do you really want the summer to end?  Already?  I certainly don’t!!!  We can peek through the keyhole at football, but let’s not close the door on Brewers baseball!!  Not yet. There’s still good baseball left to be played, and it’s a LONG offseason.  Go Brewers!!!!

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