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Brauny "flying around the bases. 9/25/08Ok I have to preface this with a smidge of an explanation.  I wrote this back in 2008.  I had a 20 game season seat package back then & I had purchased this single seat about a month before because I wanted to sit in the front row .   I did not own Seat 5, Row 1, Section 117  then.  I did not dream I would EVER own this seat back then.  But there I sat.  And part of the reason I decided to purchase the seat I own now was because of this game on 9/25/08.  Me sitting there HAD to be good luck right?!  And another thing…for all of those people who think I am performing for the camera.  For all of you people who think my enthusiasm is not genuine…read THIS.  This was before most of you knew I even existed.  I was the same then as I am now.  I haven’t changed a BIT.  I’ve always been a crazy, obsessed, enthusiastic, jumping up and down, cheering my lungs out fan of the Brewers – well, since I began watching baseball.  I guess you can believe what you want.  But I know the truth.  I love the Brewers more than life itself.  And that will never, ever change.  So…here is my little story about that fantastic, must-win game on September 25, 2008.

Writing about this game..this moment..brought tears to my eyes..again!  lol  I know, I’m a crazy, obsessed fan.  I can’t help it.  But here’s my description of one of my favorite Brewers games of all time…

Without a doubt, one of my favorite Brewers games was Thursday, September 25, 2008, against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I had purchased a single ticket for that game – about a month earlier – and I was sitting in section 117, row 1, seat 5.  I was so, so, SO nervous because this was a MUST win.  My heart was beating unbelievably fast, and I was shaking so much, I could barely keep score.   But I did keep score..and took pictures…and threw my arms up in the air, making the “touchdown” signal for every Gallardo strikeout..and there were many – it was his first game back from injury.  It was MAGIC!  We hadn’t been hitting the ball well that night, as was par for the course, it seemed, for the month of September.  Mike Cameron had scored on a Billy Hall double back in the bottom of the third.  Then nothing until….

It was the bottom of the 10th, the score was 1 to 1.  I was holding my rally towel and my autographed Ned Yost Cerveceros jersey in my lap; grasping on tightly to both for good luck.  The bases were loaded.  Mike Cameron was up.  “Maybe he won’t strike out this time”, I thought.  I was wrong.  He did strike out.  Now there were two outs with bases loaded, and Brauny was up.  In the past, in this kind of a situation, he would’ve been the guy you’d want.  But he had been in a wicked slump for the past month, so it was not a sure thing that he would save us.  I was worried.  I think everyone was worried.  “Just get a base hit!”, I said out loud, “That’s all you need.  You don’t have to swing for the fences Brauny!”   The count was 2-0.  Ah! Hope!  But then… a strike.  Then… a foul ball.  Oh my gosh, 2-2 with 2 outs! My elbows were on my knees and my chin rested on my hands which were clasped together grasping my rally towel.  You could only see my eyes, just peeking over the towel.  Everyone around me was standing, cheering Brauny on.  I couldn’t stand.  I had to sit there, peeking and praying.  Then, the pitch.  A slider down the middle.  And….WHACK!  I watched that ball fly high into the air, thinking to that gonna be a HOMERUN??!!!!!   How can it be a homerun??!!  How..Can..It..Be..A..HOMERUN????!!!!!   And it WAS!!!!  It was a WALK-OFF GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!  I leapt up from my prayerful perch, jumping and screaming and crying like I had just won the lottery!   It was absolutely AMAZING!!!    And, you know what the cool thing is?  I can watch that game!  Now!  Whenever I want to!  And I can see myself… Cheering – Cringing – Praying.  And it’s like I’m there,  again – reliving one of the happiest, most wonderful moments of my life.  That game on September 25, 2008.  That historic game.  That game is and always will be one of my favorite Brewers games of all time!

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