Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I’m all about the Brewers, but as many of you know, my saving grace in the offseason is Badger Basketball. I love them!!!!! So so much.  They keep me sane during this long, winterous baseball void which is the offseason. I attended UW Madison my freshman year, and would’ve stayed for my college career…but my boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, went back to Oshkosh. I followed. I’m glad I did. BUT I STILL consider myself a Badger alumni.

I’m not a basketball officianado by any means. I’m still learning about the game. My husband usually watches Badger games with me and I ask him many questions – which he answers.   But I LOVE watching the Badgers. Maybe their slow style helps me. I can actually SEE the play progress. And hey it can’t be all bad! They’ve stymied many a team with their grind it out approach. But, I digress.  The reason I have been inspired to write this blog is RYAN EVANS. .

I can’t say enough about the job he’s done these last few games!  I’ll be honest, I was frustrated as heck with him the first half of this season. Because just like the Brewers and Rickie Weeks….As Ryan Evans goes, so go the Badgers. His game was WAY off.  Freethrows are SO important, and he was missing ALL of them.  He knew it. He hated it. And it was making him mental. His whole game suffered because of it.  BUT look what he did!!!!!  He KNEW he needed to improve that part of his game if he had any HOPE of getting back to his 2011/12 form.  And so the Jump Shot Freethrow was born .

The freethrows started falling and Ryan started being the player he SHOULD be.  It’s not a coincidence. Basketball, like baseball, is a very mental game.  You need that confidence.  You need to feel like you’re the MAN.  Ryan Evans knew that.  He wanted to do whatever he could to help the Badgers win.  I can’t tell you how commendable that is, ESPECIALLY from a college student.  He’s not getting paid!  He’s not making millions!  But he did whatever he needed to do to get his game back.  Of course he’s not perfect. Who is?  But he made an effort.  A spectacular effort.  I mean who shoots Jump Shot FT’s???  No one. He wasn’t afraid to go outside the box. That’s amazing to me and I have to give credit where credit is due. Don’t hate on this man. Please! Recognize what he’s done to help CHANGE his situation and help his Badgers win. And he has succeeded!

I’m looking SO forward to NCAA Postseason.  Oh and I know some of you will think it’s unlikely, but I think the Badgers can go far!  Especially if Ryan Evans keeps doing what he’s been doing this second half and in the Big 10 Tournament.  Give him credit….and hey follow him on Twitter!  @RyanEvans_5  He’ll be gone next year. Enjoy him while you can.

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