Dear Zack

It’s no secret to anyone how desperately I want Zack Greinke to remain a Brewer for years to come. I know not everyone agrees with me. Chances of signing him are slim, they say, so we may as well trade him and build for the future. Plus, they argue, paying that much for one player doesn’t make sense for a small market team like the Brewers. Valid points. Rational left-brain statements. I really can’t argue, so I won’t. My desire for Zack to stay is most definitely fueled by my love of great pitching, and love does not follow the rules of logic. I want Zack to stay in Milwaukee not only because I believe he’ll help the team win, but also because I thoroughly enjoy sitting in my seat and watching up close as those pretty pitches zip, dart and curve across homeplate in virtually unhitable fashion. It’s an ethereal experience for me! And, yes, I realize that sounds a little extreme, a little crazy, but so am I…when it comes to Brewers baseball anyway.

My original intention was to include in this blog entry a letter to Zack imploring him to stay in Milwaukee. In it I would tell him that the money is good, that he’s comfortable here, that he loves the city and his teammates, that he’s happy here and happiness many times leads to good production on the field, and, last but not least, that the Brewers will be a winning team. Of course that last part I can’t guarantee. This year doesn’t look too promising and, although I believe the Brewers will make the World Series every year, reality and probability dictate otherwise. Zack is an analytical guy. He knows the odds and he’s not inspired by blind devotion and undying love as I am. This is baseball though. Anything can happen. I know Mark Attanasio wants to win – that’s something.

So I was going to write Zack a letter, but then I thought, “why?”. He would more than likely never read it and even if he did, would he care about the musings of a fan, diehard as she may be? No, probably not. It doesn’t matter what I want. In life as in baseball, Zack stands alone on the mound. He must do what he feels is best for him. And I, a mere fan on the outside looking in, cannot possibly know what that is. No matter how much my fanlove makes me feel like I know what’s best for him…I really don’t. Only Zack knows that. A “Dear Zack” letter would not sway him one way or the other. And that’s hard to accept.

It’s hard to accept that I, emotionally enmeshed fan that I am, have no control. I can’t tell Zack to stay. All I can do is hope. But, hey, I’m pretty good at that! I hope every day that the Brewers will win and guess what? Sometimes they do! So I’ll take the same approach with Zack. I’ll hope that Zack signs before the trade deadline. I’ll hope that Zack’s name appears and his pretty pitches are recorded on many more pages of my scorebook. I’ll hope. And who knows…maybe I’ll win! This is baseball after all. Anything can happen.

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