Choose your words carefully Luc. World Series or BUST!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Sorry about that.  Been busy.  But I have been inspired today to write by none other than one of my favorite Brewers players, Jonathan Lucroy.  He is the best catcher in baseball right now in my opinion.  He is unbelievable at the plate and behind it.  But his words today on the Bill Michaels show…paraphrased here by 1250 WSSP on social media…”Jonathan Lucroy told Bill Michaels (paraphrasing) We’ll do our best, worry about what we can control, and if we make the playoffs, so be it. If not, so be it. Is that what you wanna hear?”  Ok…that is UNACCEPTABLE!!  NO that is NOT what I want to hear.  I, who love the Brewers almost more than life itself…who pays a lot of money to come see you play….who said two weeks ago “They’re gonna get to the World Series!!”, but who says now, “IF they make the Playoffs”…NO that is NOT what I want to hear.  Do you know what I want to hear??  I want to hear fire…I want to hear you say “We are going to step it up!  We are going to make it to the World Series if it kills us!  And we are going to do it for the fans.  For the fans without whom we wouldn’t be here playing a GAME for money – lots of money.”  THAT’S what I want to hear.  Do you think the stupid cards are that complacent about making the Postseason?  I can guarantee they are not.  I hate the Cardinal Way, but maybe in this case it’s called for.  I am going to get my sh*t together tomorrow and drive 3 hours round trip to Milwaukee to watch my beloved Brewers hopefully play their asses off and try to win a game.  They should care about that.  They should give a sh*t about my…about all of our…love for them.  So to you Jonathan Lucroy, who I love dearly and am still a huge fan of, I say choose your words carefully and give us some hope – dry our tears.  That’s part of your job and I believe you owe us that.  Tell us everything will be ok.  God knows we need to hear that right now.

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