Adam Greenberg

adam_greenberg_autograph2So as some of you know, I’ve adopted a cause. Adam Greenberg. He’s a cub, yes. But that shouldn’t matter. Take off your Brewers hats and put on your baseball caps.  He’s a baseball player!!  Adam Greenberg was hit by a pitch in his first at-bat with the Chicago Cubs. All these guys dream about their whole lives is to get to the Bigs. Here’s this guy who finally gets his chance and BAM! It’s over.  Probably the worst thing that could happen…happened.  He was hit by a pitch in the HEAD in his first at-bat in the Major Leagues.

When I’m sitting in my seat at Miller Park and a pitch comes anywhere NEAR a batter’s head…our team or the opposing team… I cringe, I cover my eyes, I freak out!  It’s the scariest thing that could happen.  And here it happened to Adam his first at-bat no less!!  I mean, put yourself in his shoes. He gets a callup…he’s THERE!  His first at-bat.  All he wants is to get a basehit or get that ball back because he’s done something good. The LAST thing he’s thinking is that he’ll be hit by a head by a pitch!

I believe he deseves another shot.  I hope you do too. Please go to and watch the video. Read Adam Greenberg’s story. Then please please please sign the petition.  Let’s give Adam Greenberg a shot.

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