About Me

I’m Amy and I belong to the Church of Baseball.

  • I believe… that Miller Park is a sanctuary where prayers can be answered or if they’re not, consolation can be found.
  • I believe… that baseball players are Super Heroes.
  • I believe…in supporting the players I love even when they’re struggling.
  • I believe… in pretty pitches, Brewer-turned double plays, and moon shots celebrated with fireworks.
  • I believe… in the perfectly executed squeeze.
  • I believe… in sexy curveballs that buckle a batters knees and melt my heart.
  • I believe… in enthusiastically screaming and jumping up and down when good things happen on the field.
  • I believe… in passion and positivity.
  • And I believe that the Brewers will win the World Series…every year.



Choose your words carefully Luc. World Series or BUST!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  Sorry about that.  Been busy.  But I have been inspired today to write by none other than one of my favorite Brewers players, Jonathan Lucroy.  He is the best catcher in baseball right now in my opinion.  He is unbelievable at... Read More

Carlos, McCann, and the Heat of the Moment

Kyle Lohse threw an 89 pitch complete-game shutout last night!  Against the NL East Champion Atlanta Braves no less!  It was breathtakingly amazing! THAT should be the story of last night’s Brewers game.  Unfortunately what many fans and media are talking about today is not Kyle Lohse’s near perfect outing.  It is instead The Bench... Read More

3-2-1 LAUNCH!!

So here it is!  My new website.  All my old blogs from frontrowamy.net are here and I plan to add new entries on a regular basis.  The offseason is fast approaching, so my blogs may not always be Brewer related, but I’ll try to keep them interesting and will... Read More

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

I’m all about the Brewers, but as many of you know, my saving grace in the offseason is Badger Basketball. I love them!!!!! So so much.  They keep me sane during this long, winterous baseball void which is the offseason. I attended UW Madison my freshman year, and would’ve... Read More

Glass Half Full

Before I begin, I just wanna say….Only 88 days until Opening Day!!!!!!!!!! As the 2013 season approaches, we Brewers fans are not COMPLETELY sure what the team will look like on April 1st, though we have a pretty good idea.  Same offense – damn good.  Re-tooled bullpen – improved, in my opinion, with... Read More

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!  Ill try to answer as quickly as possible.  Go Brewers!!!!

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